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I recently installed VirtualBox on a Windows 8 PC with Ubuntu 13.04 as the guest. I tried to use USB, but I wasn't able to access my USB stick or my phone, it just showed up on Windows. I installed the Guest Addition and the extension pack and also added the filters. When I try to activate USB2.0 Controller, I can't start Ubuntu, it says that the device helper structure has changed and closes. Also,I can't add me to the vboxusers group, because it doesn't exist.

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From what you are telling us here it seems that the problem lies completely on the Windows side - Ubuntu doesn't ever get the chance to see the USB device. Oracle says that the device helper error sometimes makes it necessary to reinstall VirtulaBox. Adding to the vboxusers group is only necessary on the (linux) host, not on the guest. –  guntbert Sep 8 '13 at 19:33

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