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I'd like to try GNOME Shell on Ubuntu 10.10 again, after having discarded it due to the waste of space the non-configurable fonts were causing (I'm using a netbook). I read about GNOME Tweak Tool so I wondered if I could use it to customize the Shell interface. Any help appreciated.

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I just run 10.04 LTS or BSD on netbooks. You CAN choose not to have the "New" desktop environment gnome shell if that's what you're talking about, but I didn't think that happened until 11...Anyway, I have acceptably small fonts by default on an Acer Aspire. Maybe it's some other weirdness. – RobotHumans Apr 18 '11 at 6:29

Just like GNOME Shell, you should be able to compile the GNOME Tweak Tool from its git repository, as well. I'd see no reason for any incompatibilities if you're using the latest version of both, since it seems both are supported by GNOME.

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