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I have wubi on my Asus Eee laptop. usually after locking the screen then unlocking it, it becomes sort of unresponsive in a weird way. I can click on the background and drag and draw a square but I cannot click any buttons, no menus, I can't even restart.

The only application that I am consistently running on it is Google Chrome.

Any idea what is going on?

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You can start narrowing it down by adding measurements:

1) Start a terminal session (Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal), and run the "top" command on it. That will show you what processes are using cpu time.

2) Add graphs of your system performance to the menu bar. Right click there and select add to panel -> system monitor. Then right click on the new graph, select properties preferences and tick all the monitored resources enabled. You might also want to change the Processor IOWait colour to be more easily noticeable.

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Wubi by all means is not a application for long term. I would recommend installing Ubuntu to it's own partition, John.

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