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I am running Spotify under Wine. However, it keeps getting interrupted now and then, and I have to restart Spotify. (I am running Ubuntu 10.10 and Wine 1.2.2).

How is this fixed?

I have tried switching from the Alsa Driver to the OSS Driver in the Wine configurations, but then I get a message that there is no sound card found.

Are there any others options?

I forgot to add; I only have a regular Spotify account, therefore I cannot use Spotify for Linux.

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There is a developing version for Linux for it here:

It shows you step by step how to add the repository and install it.

A simple guid on how to solve "some" of the problems with Spotify is here:

And a testing done using the 1.3.x branch shows as Platinum here:

Just to add, if you are using the 1.2 Stable branch i recommend moving to the 1.3 "Unstable branch". I have been testing it for several games, office products and the likes and works much better than the Stable one.

The install guide is here thanks to Scott Ritchie:

If you want to know what version you have just run in the terminal wine --version

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I forgot to mention that I only have a regular Spotify account, hence why I am running Spotify through Wine. The only thing that seems to match my problem in Spotify's Wine-FAQ is the OSS driver part, which I have already tried. However, Updating Wine to 1.3.17 seems to work! At least for now. Thanks! :) – whirlwin Apr 9 '11 at 16:06
If you can, post this in the wine bugzilla. It will help devs solve the issue for you. – Luis Alvarado Apr 9 '11 at 20:58

My solution is to upgrade Wine to 1.3 with pulseaudio support built in - then Wine apps will play nice with all the other audio sources of Ubuntu.

Not sure if it works with 10.10, I can confirm it works with 10.04:

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Well it is a bit inaccurate to say that Wine has ever had built-in support for PulseAudio - these two have been in "war" for a long time now. There was a driver made for Wine which routed audio through PulseAudio, but it is now "redundant" [ ] so there is no use in having it. It is a mess, but we wait for the OpenAL plugin for wine gets done; it will solve the audio problems between PulseAudio and Wine - or so is said. – Severo Raz Dec 19 '11 at 9:53

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