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I use a Turkish keyboard which i have converted to English(Ubuntu server 12.04). My problem is that the single quote is not present on the keyboard but is instead represent by a comma in midair. To fix this i use the command

sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

The problem is each time i shutdown,changes are reverted thus everytime i start the system, i have to type that command. I was thinking of making it a cronjob but i`m sure there can be another way to make the changes permanent.

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could i help you sir ? – Private Oct 7 '13 at 13:57
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using sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration will change your keyboardlayout just for this session.

go for sudo nano /etc/default/keyboard there you can change your keyboard settings.

Find the line :


You can change layout and kboptions as well as your model and the kbvariant.

Just put in tr for Turkish

Keyboard File

on older ubuntu versions you could go for dpkg-reconfigure console-setup and make permanently changes here. but for server 12.04 I guess it should be in the keyboard file.

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This does not work by ubuntu server 14.04. I replaced the "us" with "hu" (Hungarian), but after reboot I still have English layout instead of Hungarian. sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration worked for me, and it is permanent, I have Hungarian layout after reboot. – inf3rno Feb 5 at 13:42

For console-only instances e.g. servers, you should install the console-data package with apt-get install console-data and then set it up with dpkg-reconfigure console-data.

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