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I installed ubuntu on the touch device LG NEXUS 4 according to the instructions of the wiki. The first problem was the command in step 4:

phablet-flash (cdimage-touch | cdimage-legacy | ubuntu-system | community)-b

gave me:

(bash: syntax error near token expected "cdimage-touch")

I got results only when I separate the commands and I fired one at a time:

phablet-flash cdimage-touch-b
phablet cdimage-flash-legacy-b

But while the first left on the android device, the second has installed a version of ubuntu that is not like those visible in several movies on the internet, for example does not have the ability to upgrade the system from the app settings.

I tried to update the system from the terminal, but the next time the OS crashed and then after a reboot of the system are no longer started (remained a black screen). I restored Android and I redid the same procedures but got the same result, the system was unstable and often got stuck.

Is there any way to flash with the command phablet-flash the latest release of ubuntu touch?

My P.C. has Kubuntu operating system

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You are supposed to run phablet-flash with the appropriate selection from

(cdimage-touch | cdimage-legacy | ubuntu-system | community)

So for a Nexus 4 you would do either:

phablet-flash cdimage-touch


phablet-flash ubuntu-system

It is four choices for you to chose based upon the device you have and what you are trying to do.

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I upgraded my operating system and I ran the command "phablet-flash cdimage-touch -b". The command has downloaded a new image 20130905.1 dated and then it programmed into the device. I used the phone and now ubuntu touch seems to be more advanced. I have also been able to launch the update check on the settings of the phone. Then I ran the command "phablet-image ubuntu-system", after I ran the command "adb shell reboot" and started with ubuntu touch. The Update screen now tells me I'm the latest version. Thank you, best regards. – Silvano Sep 6 '13 at 20:16

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