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First steps with Ubuntu... after holidays, I forgot my password. HOURA ! So I used GRUB to change my password, it was a success. But... rebooting the computer, arriving on the launch screen... I wrote my new password, "enter", then black screen, then going back to the launch screen, without any message.

Then I started the console, login, password, youpee it works... My new password is correct. But «signature not found in user keyring»

Then I followed some tutorials to decrypt my home directory, but I'm stuck.

I tried this : http://unixtitan.net/main/2010/11/16...with-ecryptfs/ But I forgot my LOGIN passphrase, the original one...

And when I want to recover my LOGIN passphrase, using my MOUNT passphrase, I do this :

ecryptfs-rewrap-passphrase ~/.ecryptfs/wrapped-passphrase

Whatever I do, I arrive on «unwrapping passphrase failed [-5]».

When the console asks me the "old wrapping passphrase", what is it ? The mount or login passphrase ? And then, when it asks me the new wrapping passphrase.... what the hell is it ? How can I generate one ? Need I to generate one from my new password !?

I can't find any clear step-by-step tutorial (for newbie like me) which explains how to access to my computer with my new password and my old ecryptfs mount passphrase !

Thank you.

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