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I am using Ubuntu 13.04.

My home folder is full of hidden files like .Xauthority.XTMZZW, .Xauthority.VEBCZW, .goutputstream-0H5NTW and some of these files are uninstalled software related files but not all.

All these files (including documents, desktop) occupied 13.5 GB space of home folder.

How can I remove unnecessary hidden files?

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  • select and shift delete from Nautilus
  • rm ~/*goutputstream* from command line
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Backup /home including hidden files before doing anything. Then if you you delete something you should not, you have a way to restore it.

My /home is 2GB. And of that 1.5GB is .wine for Windows Picasa. I have all data folders like Documents, Downloads etc in a data partition on another drive. And some data folders like Firefox & Thunderbird that are hidden also are in my data partitions.

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