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I assembled a new computer and first installed windows 8.

When I then try to install Ubuntu 12.04 I can see ubuntu loading and I reach upto a point where I can move the mouse pointer and I can see ubuntu logo, but nothing more happens and the machine freezes.

Points to consider:

  • The computer is working with windows 8.
  • I have previously installed Ubuntu on my system but now I cannot install.
  • I tried with different versions of Ubuntu and also Linux mint.
  • Because my old Ubuntu (12.04) stopped working after I tried to install ATI
    graphics drivers. so I deleted my old Ubuntu partition and I am trying to
    install a new one.
  • The bootable USB stick is working fine as I tried it on my friends laptop and it loaded a live session quickly.

Please help.

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I think ubuntu not working with window 8,, but I install ubuntu with window 7 and work properly,, but fully formatted windows 7 T.T

i'm using pendrive to install ubuntu.

maybe your RAM is to low and make your system freeze, minimum RAM requirement for window 8 is 2GB.. or maybe your system is 64bit but you installing 32bit..

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my ram is 6gb and i am trying to install 64bit ubuntu on my lap. i have previosly installed abuntu alongside same installation of windows 8. but for some reason it is not now working. – jose Sep 6 '13 at 14:17

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