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I have a problem with Compiz. I installed Compiz setting manager on Ubuntu 13.04, Also installed Compiz main and extra fusion plug-ins. But I can't enable 3D windows and cube reflection effects and burn effects . The check boxes of these plug-ins doesn't work.

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You need to enable "Animation add-on" option:

  • Open Compiz setting manager
  • Check Animation add-on checkbox
  • open animation ... and do as suggested
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I have enable Animation add-on but not working Because I don't have burn effects , Some say burn effects do not only exist in ubuntu 12.04 but 13.04 Non-existent !! – Hasanix'o Shing Sep 5 '13 at 11:45

These are the only packages you need to run compiz with animation effects on 13.04:

apt-get install compiz compiz-plugins compiz-plugins-default compizconfig-settings-manager dconf-tools

All other packages compiz-plugins-extra etc. are just placeholders in 13.04 (empty packages they created to maintain compatibility), see my list of installed packages (some descriptions in italian)

compiz - window manager e compositing manager OpenGL
compiz-core - window manager e compositing manager OpenGL
compiz-dev - window manager e compositing manager  OpenGL - file di sviluppo
compiz-gnome - window manager e compositing manager OpenGL - decoratore di finestre GNOME
compiz-plugins-default - window manager e compositing manager OpenGL - plugin predefiniti
compiz-plugins-main-dev - transitional dummy package.
compiz-plugins-extra - transitional dummy package.
compiz-plugins-main - transitional dummy package.
compiz-plugins-main-default - transitional dummy package.
compizconfig-backend-gconf - transitional dummy package.
compizconfig-settings-manager - Compiz configuration settings manager
compiz-plugins - OpenGL window and compositing manager - plugins

You might have a configuration issue preventing from using the effects, there is a complete profile and apt-get scripts available for download here: (direct download link: it worked for me.

The result: I have 3d desktop (both cubic and spheric effects), I can paint fire on the screen, but haven't been able to use it as a Windows Close effect, seems to be an effect of this migration of plugins from sub-packages. Also 3d-windows appears to be broken. But you'll still get a great looking desktop!

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