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I have a little question, there is a way to change the colour or shadow from tabs on Nautilus Elementary?

For example, I have two tabs opened, but I can't differentiate between both.

I looked up the gtkrc file from this theme, and changed the color from the lines 288,289, but this change the tab colors on others windows and not on Nautilus

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i had the same problem. I solved it in the next file: elementary/gtk-2.0/Apps/nautilus.rc

I have created a new style to display the nautilus tabs on my own. I added this code just after the last style section:

style "nautilus-tabs"
    bg[NORMAL]              = shade (1.06, @bg_color)   # selected tab entire
    bg[ACTIVE]              = shade (0.92, @bg_color)   # unselected tab

    engine "murrine" { roundness = 4 }

With this, you can define your own style. Change the values as you want.

At the end of the file change this line:

widget_class    "*Nautilus*Notebook"            style "murrine-thin"

by this one:

widget_class    "*Nautilus*Notebook"            style "nautilus-tabs"

Save the file and reload the theme.

Sorry for my english. I could answer you in spanish, but english is more international.

Regards from Spain.

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