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I have about 200 files that are named like this:


and so on. I would like to rename them all to look like this:

Back Alley Uproar.avi
Bad Luck Cat.avi
Beep Beep.avi
Broomstick Bunny
Bunker Hill

and so on...

I need to use the command line as I am connected via ssh via winSCP from a windows box to get to my ubuntu server containing these files. Thanks in advance.

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You can use the rename command, with appropriate regular expressions e.g.


for 'replace an initial sequence of digits followed by underscore hyphen underscore'; and

s/_/ /g

to replace underscores with spaces. So

rename -nv 's/^\d+_-_//;s/_/ /g' *.avi

The -n makes it run in test (dry run) mode - test it in your directory and if you are happy that it's doing the right thing, run it without the n

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You can use the following command:

rename 's/[0-9]+_-_//; s/_/\ /g' *
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