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I have installed few software in Ubuntu. Some of these software are quite big and needs more than 400MB of space during installation. In Windows, when we install a software, it is saved in program files, where we can see all the files.

What is the path of the equivalent location for Ubuntu? I mean, in which path, I can see that, there is a folder for that particular application and entering that, I can see all 400MB+ data.

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Linux programs are commonly using shared libraries, so the program install size is dependant of what libraries it would need. So there is not a way to see all installed stuff in one directory. But you can query files that are owned by package with:

dpkg -L <package_name>

for example you installed samba, you could query it's files by:

dpkg -L samba

Hope that helps? Here is the explanation for filesystem places of different items:

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