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I recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS on my Dell laptop whose configuration is as follows:

  • Intel Core 2 Duo Processor T6400;
  • Intel GMA 4500 MHD Graphics Processor

When I tried to launch a Game "Call Of Duty" using winetricks. An error is displayed saying install drivers for your graphic devices.

Please help me with this. Thanks in advance.

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intel graphic cards are not very good - you may be better off using a better one. does the graphics card work with more Linux compatible games - e.g FlightGear?

Found a review here - it says that it only runs Call of Duty 4 at half a decent frame-rate on a Windows PC, using the same graphics card and similar processor.

Running things using wine can be a tad tricky, as it does not fully interface with the computer.

Sorry, not very experienced with this stuff, but hope this helps.

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