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I have a VirtualBox Windows 8 installed on my Ubuntu. This Virtual is necessary to run a web server testing, so I need to edit the files in this Virtual box directly in my Ubuntu.

I try a few things, after search a lot about it, with bad results:

  • I have an exclusive windows partition (FAT32) that I can access on Ubuntu, and try to add on the VirtualBox through VMDK. It's not work because the alterations that I made on Ubuntu is not updated on Virtual Machine, this VMDK is virtual too, and still had disk problems by Windows8 when reboot the Virtual machine.

  • I made a MOUNT.cifs but I can't put this on my etc/fstab because I have to start the Virtual Machine manually AND have to this all the time I turn on the machine. And also have problems with permission, that the NetBeans can't start a project because it's considered not writable (maybe I do something wrong about this).

    $ sudo mount -t cifs //remote.IP/path /local/path --verbose -o user="Windows User",password="Windows Password",rw

  • I try use the VirtualBox Shared Folder feature, and put the codes on Ubuntu, but the Web Server (Apache) in Windows 8 refuse to use a shared folder as DocumentRoot.

This is not only shared files between, but the most important is the ability to edit files on my Ubuntu that can be read simultaneously in the Virtual Windows Machine.

Thanks in advance...

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What are your samba (smb.conf) settings? –  Colyn1337 Sep 4 '13 at 12:52

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