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I was downloading themes last night on Synaptic and came across a package called emerald-themes. Every time I try to download it, Synaptic flags it as having broken dependencies. When I check the 'Dependencies' tab it says it needs emerald (>=0.9.5). I did a search in Synaptic for emerald and I have version 0.9.5.

So why am I getting this message?

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I don't see any package called emerald-themes in the Ubuntu repositories (

You probably are getting this package from a PPA. Unfortunately, without knowing which PPA you are getting this emerald-themes from, I can't help you further.

I see on ubuntuforums that a certain Ian-weisser suggested something ( :

Here is one way I would try to solve it:

1) Disable all PPAs except the one containing emerald and emerald-themes

2) Uninstall the packages with sudo apt-get autoremove emerald

If they won't uninstall, then remove them manually with sudo dpkg --remove emerald and sudo dpkg --remove emerald-themes

3) Clean out the offending packages from the cache with sudo apt-get clean emerald emerald-themes

4) Reload and reinstall the packages with sudo apt-get install emerald emerald-themes

If they still won't install due to a dependency issue, then contact the PPA maintainer directly. They need to fix at least one package.

I also suggest that you try thoses packages from Webupd8team : and have more luck.

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In the thread I posted on ubuntuforums I list which PPA it is the emerald-themes is coming from and I stated that I have the webupd8 PPA in my repository that is mentioned in the article posted in that thread. I wound up talking to the creator of the PPA and he stated he couldn't fix the PPA right now and directed me to to find the themes that are included in the PPA.

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