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I just started having this problem. It started just a min ago. I'm running Xubuntu 12.04 64-bit. I went to Synaptic and marked the client for reinstall. Didn't work. Marked it for uninstallation, uninstalled it, then marked it for reinstallation. Still doesn't work.

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Could you edit your question and be more verbose? How you did that? Where? Using apt-get or synaptic or Ubuntu Software Center? – Braiam Sep 6 '13 at 22:12
As per my post I used Synaptic – Jason Smith Sep 7 '13 at 14:29

Open the terminal and type:

sudo spotify

Use ctrl+z to divorce the Spotify session from the terminal. If this worked the problem is that the Spotify client needed files that were put in a folder owned by the root user. For some reason or another it lost permission to get those files. Same thing happened to me.

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By the time I got around to trying this, the problem had resolved itself and hasn't happened since. – Jason Smith Dec 4 '13 at 18:48
This worked perfectly for me - thanks! I'm also running elementary OS Freya. – mightyspaj Nov 13 '15 at 14:05


This error is caused by the themes u may have selected with in your system settings (under the "application appearances" tab to be specific). Just restore this entire area to system defaults and your all good.

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