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Below is the contents in the ubuntu-software-center-desktop file. The Dash Home does not show the contents when it is opened up. The Icon is black and does not respond when you place your courser over it.

root@carl-Presario-V2000-PR433UA-ABA:/home/carl/.local/share/applications# cat ubuntu-software-center.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Ubuntu Software Center
GenericName=Software Center
Comment=Lets you choose from thousands of applications available for Ubuntu
Exec=/usr/bin/software-center %u

Trying to fix a gmail issue I tried the following two fixes from another post "Press "Alt + F2 , run dconf-editor". The dconf-editor came up but refused to run. I also tried Ubuntu Software Center → search 'unity-webapps' and look for "Unity Web Apps for Gmail" then remove it. It was not found. updates fail because gmail is not configured. This all seems to be interrelated. Should I reload my software? These all happened at the same time. Also at this time a person brought up a screen and asked if I wanted help with my gmail account. It would appear that someone actually gained access to my computer through the internet. If I reload the system -- How do I guard against that happening again?

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My error. It was qmail not gmail. The message may have been from a developer because of an error report. After looking though some of the core dumps and other files it appears that there may have been two programs running that were in conflict with each other causing the corruption. I am going to reload the distribution on the latest 12.04. Is there any way I can contact a developer?

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