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I got a new 1TB disk - so I installed UBUNTU (13.04 64bit) on it to test it out. I couldn't boot to it for some reason so I deleted the partition in Windows and formatted the drive (NTFS). Then I installed Windows 7 x64 onto the same drive. My plan was to install Ubuntu after the Windows install. When I sparked up the Ubuntu live CD, the installer did not detect my Windows 7 install and asked to wipe the disk or partition manually (instead of "Install alongside Windows..."

So I went into a partition utility in Windows and notice I had on the drive:

GPT Drive 100 MB Partition 128 MB Partition Remaining space, rest of drive

I was surprised to see a GPT partition instead of a MBR?

I do have a UEFI Bios and Win7 x64 - which can handle this, and I don't mind it - however this setup seems to be confusing the Ubuntu installer. I don't want some kind of kooky (possibly) corrupt/broken partition table on this drive (if that's what's going on). Is there any way I can 'fix' this without re-installing windows on this drive? If I do partition manually - would I have issues later on? What's the best way to handle this?


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It's probably not a partition table problem. Either use the "something else" option in the Ubuntu installer to shrink the Windows partition and create new ones manually, or shrink the Windows partition (but do not create Linux partitions) in Windows prior to booting the Ubuntu installer. –  Rod Smith Sep 3 '13 at 15:18
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