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I am looking for an easy video editor for Ubuntu 12.04. My needs are simple: make clips and upload them on sites (cut segments from a video file with frame to frame precision, convert into common formats, resize the file).

Do you have to suggest one?

Thanks for the reply.

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I like OpenShot, but you can find a full list here. Take a look to Linux section, eventually you can search in Software Manager for the given keyword.

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I suggest PiTiVi. To Import/Export in MPG, MP4, MP3 and Other Common Formats, GStreamer is Required.

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I had a great experience with Kdenlive which is also in the default Ubuntu repository. It has a bit more functions than the OpenShot and seemed to me more robust.

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I suggest you try out Shotcut ( It a cross-platform video editor translated in many languages whose developpment is led by Dan Dennedy former developper for Kdenlive. It's really simple to use with a drag n drop concept, filters (text, video, audio) and you get great results very quickly. one thing that stands out is, that there's no need to "import" clips into a project just like you do with Kdenlive and Openshot. The lastest version came out a couple of days ago (attention: new versions are 64bit only).

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