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I recently reinstalled ubuntu. I would like to download all the files that I uploaded on ubuntu one before. However, I found it is very cumbersome to go on the web page and download every single file one by one.

Question. If I sync my current folder that is empty with ubuntu one, will the ubuntu one storage that contains my files be empty? or my currently empty folder will have the same files that I uploaded on ubuntu one?

I don't want to lose my files that I uploaded on ubuntu one and I want to download all of them on my computer at once. Do you guys have any idea on this matter? Thanks.

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Normally it should be done by simply install/configure UbuntuOne on your freshly installed system. if you log on with your account (the one you used with your old ubuntu, too) UbuntuOne should download all files into the configured UbuntuOne-Folder. Just sign in and wait.

Good luck!

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