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I have six partitions on my hard drive, Ubuntu occupies sda5 and sda6 for swap. I wanted to move some space from a Windows 7 on one partition. I tried to expand my Ubuntu partition with gparted. When I did this and rebooted, I didn't get to Grub, so I followed one of the guides to reinstall Grub. Now that grub has been restored, Ubuntu still won't boot. I think it's because the /bin and /lib folder seem to be corrupt. I would like to reinstall ubuntu, so I saw that I should backup my home folder first. Now, my home folder has encryption. There are just two visible files a README and some .desktop file. If I just copy it to a different partition without decrypting it first, will that be my files? If not, how can I decrypt the files to back them up?

I think I should also ask, if I backup the files onto a NTFS partition, will the permissions and other stuff get messed up when copying back to ext4 on a new installation.

Also, how can I get a list of programs installed while booted into the livecd? I can't chroot(I think I may have messed up while trying to chroot earlier.)

If there are any files that I should look for to upload please tell me and I'll see if I still have those.This is my boot-repair log(or one of them, I ran it like five times.)

Note: I use EasyBCD on a second drive to run Grub.

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