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I have decided to repurpose an old grey box computer to be a combination NAS/home media server, headless torrent server, and minecraft server. I am using this both as a practical piece of equipment and as a learning experience with Ubuntu and Linux.

I am having trouble determining the "best practices" for setting up such a server in a secure manner. I have read that it is recommended that each different service or task on a server be given a different user, in order to keep things separated from each other. Is this true?

I would like this computer to offer the following services:

  • Samba and/or NFS (I will be connecting with Mac and Windows clients; should I use only Samba, or both?)
  • transmission-daemon with watched folders
  • The minecraft server

In the future, I may add:

  • Plex media server
  • Subsonic

What would be the proper layout of users and permissions to ensure that, for example, the directory where all my media files live is accessible to all while also keeping each service separated by user account?

Thank you in advance!

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