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I am running a dual boot system with windows vista and ubuntu 10.04. Yesterday, I decided to re-install vista, but after that I wasn't able to boot in ubuntu, so I want to take the chance to upgrade to 12.04, and rearrange my HDD's partitions.

My plan is to split my 250 GB HDD as follows

  • 120 GB Vista
  • 50-60 GB NTFS storage partition, that will be used both in vista and ubuntu
  • 60-70 GB ubuntu

I've decided to use 4GB swap(equal to my RAM), but I don't know how much space to give on / and /home. I suppose that in root directory /, all the programs are installed.

In ubuntu I use CERN's root, maybe a bit of LaTeX, I watch movies, browsing, pdf reading and stuff like that.

So, how to arrange root directory and /home? If I need more / space in future for program installation, will I be able to increase it? In addition, is there a way to create a root account while installing ubuntu?

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How is your space allocated now? –  Danatela Sep 2 '13 at 10:05
@Danatela: You mean my ubuntu space or in genera? Anyway, I have 110GB vista, 60GB NTFS storage, 8GB swap, ~20GB / and ~20GB /home/. –  Thanos Sep 2 '13 at 10:31

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