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Whenever I try and copy a file to an USB flash disk, the progress bar runs till the end very fast and stops for an indeterminable time before it is complete.

Is there an issue with ubuntu or my flash disk is what I am not able to figure out. All I want is a realistic copy dialogue

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Do you use USB 3.0 port to plugin your USB Drive? – Saurav Kumar Sep 2 '13 at 8:43
Yeah, but the device is 2.0 I suppose – CivFiveAddict Sep 2 '13 at 9:04
Same happens to me also, when I plugin USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 Port, in Ubuntu as well as Windows. I don't know exactly why does it happen. But using USB 2.0 in USB 2.0 port and USB 3.0 in USB 3.0 port work fine. You can use lsusb command to know about your ports version. – Saurav Kumar Sep 2 '13 at 9:34

This is because many filesystems buffer and then when they flush they have to wait for the device to do the actual writing.... Which takes a while.

I don't know that there's a good solution so that you see the actual write speed and progress.

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