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I've the old OS installed in our server and I needed to install nodejs on the process I was required to update the system so I did apt-get update and in the process it breaks the libudev library and I keep on getting udev requires a kernel >= 2.6.32 not started failed when I start in result I can not login to the server via SSH or run screen command. I'm thinking of upgrading the server OS to ubuntu 12.04 LTS. My question is how do I achieve this and what are the implications on the running applications on the server? Is there any safe way to upgrade but also ensuring the installed application runs smoothly?

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There's a specific package for that, install it and run the upgrade:

sudo apt-get install update-manager-core
sudo do-release-upgrade

The upgrade will get you a new kernel, 3.2 in the case of 12.04. This means that all packages installed must be upgraded too, to versions compiled against the new kernel. Since 10.04 is now 3 years old, there might be some relevant changes to the software installed. Say that a particular application uses a different configuration method, after the upgrade you must change the old configuration to the new method.

You can do a search for the relevant packages to check the versions available for 10.04 and 12.04. You can then compare what may have changed between the two.

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