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OK, so the other day I had a disc that I had burned Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala to. So I though, "Hey! Why not dual boot my computer?" I inserted the disc into drive E, ran Wubi, installed it, and rebooted.

However, when Windows shut down and my computer restarted, the BIOS boot screen never came up for about 10 minutes. In a panic, I did a hard shutdown on my computer (which was a bad move, by the way) and afterwards, I turned my computer back on and it booted Windows fine, but it said wubildr.mbr was missing or corrupt.

When I reinstalled Wubi, there were TWO Ubuntu entries and both continued the installation process. But When I uninstalled Wubi, I still had a renegade Ubuntu entry saying wubildr.mbr was missing or corrupt. Any ideas on how to get rid of that entry?

Thanks in advance =]

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In windows: My computer -> properties -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery settings.

Other option is to edit C:\boot.ini with a text editor and remove the line referencing Ubuntu.

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Install EasyBCD, then open it. CLick on "Edit Boot Menu" and delete the "Ubuntu" entry.

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