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I just installed Ubuntu 12.0.4 for the first time and was trying to customize the keyboard shortcuts to move between workspaces. I used ctrl+ arrows to move between workspaces. After doing that I see that the pressing just the ctrl button is moving me to the first workspace regardless of where I am. I am not able to find out where this setting is. Did someone else run into this? Its very annoying as most of my settings start with a ctrl.

EDIT: Just noticed that ctrl+a to select all is not working as well. Is there a way to search what option a particular short cut is being used for?

EDIT2: I found the problem for the ctrl button. The "Switch to workspace 1" was somehow set to "ctrl L". What does that mean? I cannot disable it. So I assigned a combination of keys I will never used and now even ctrl+a is working again. It will be great to know how to disable this. I changed the keyboard shortcuts to move between workspaces to ctrl+shift+ combinations.

Also now I have another problem. Turns out ctrl+down arrow is minimizing all windows except for the one in focus. ctrl+up is bring all the previously minimized windows back up. Again, I am not able to see it anywhere. Any clues on how I can find and disable it?

Also, is there a way to get more than 4 workspaces on Ubuntu?

Thanks for any help!

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