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I am trying to change the shell theme on my acer C7 chromebook laptop. I put ubuntu on the laptop with chrubuntu. I don't know if this has anything to do with the problems I'm running into, but I just figured I'd put it out there.

I use Gnome, and I already have the Tweak Tool. I think I have the shell-user-theme extension, though I have encountered various errors while trying to download it in various ways. I'm relatively new to using the terminal. When I go to Theme in Tweak Tool, I have the option of opening a theme, but when I try to open a downloaded theme it briefly flashes "invalid theme". I'm trying to install the Soothe theme (I just want to successfully install any theme at all for starters.) I tried a different theme, Legacy, but it didn't show up at all when I went to open it in the tweak tool.

Am I doing something wrong? Can I fix this? Has anyone else had this problem too?

UPDATE: This tutorial says at the end that there should be a .themes folder under my home folder, however, there isn't. I tried making a folder and calling it .themes but the folder itself doesn't show up in tweak tool.

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First off, make sure you're using the right themes (for Gnome 3.8 I would presume).

Second, you need to put the theme folder (not the zip, but the contents of the zip), into /usr/share/themes.

Hope this helps!

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It did help! Thank you!! – user189207 Sep 2 '13 at 20:03

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