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I'm connecting to a speaker using a Bluetooth dongle, something like: http://www.amazon.com/AGPtek%C2%AE-Bluetooth-Receiver-Speakers-Entertainment/dp/B00AMXW6DY

The laptop is lenovo x230 running ubuntu 12.04, kernel: 3.4.0

The speaker is recognized as dmzmusic and in the settings of the device the profile is: "High Fidelity Playbak (A2DP)".

The devices works - I can play sound to the speaker, but when I try to play a song (mp3 using any player) or youtube, and do other things on the laptop - like browsing the web or reading emails the sound is fluctuates and jitters.

No errors in dmesg.

The sound worked perfectly from windows7.

does any one have an idea how to address this issue?

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