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so I flashed and everything was well but after tinkering a while I ran across some problems first off a lot of my settings don't work, some of the apps don't either for ex the camera app just goes to a white screen. and the computer doesn't recognize it. its a nexus 4 and I'm running Ubuntu on my laptop. not sure if its a bad flash, I tried to download the update but it keeps failing.

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The current version of Ubuntu Touch (the Ubuntu operating system for phones and tablets) is a Developer Preview. This tells you two things:

  • Developer tells us that this version of Ubuntu Touch is meant for developers; the people that will create applications for it.
  • Preview tells us that it is not "complete", it's just a preview of the features.

Ubuntu Touch Developer Preview does not provide all the features of a traditional phone, and a lot of settings and applications will not work. It is not meant to replace your current Android operating system.

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