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Steps that I have done: (First OS was Windows XP) I had 3 partitions, NTFS and FAT, then I formatted the drive during Ubuntu 12.04 partitioning.

  1. I have formatted the drive with ext4 and other one with ext3 and other as swap area.
  2. While partitioning I have mounted ext4 on /, second one on /boot, and third on /home/.

Then I installed Ubuntu 12.04, and it installed properly. But after I closed the CD tray and restarted, the system is showing this error message:

Error loading operating system

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I'm not sure I understand. Do you mean to say that you mounted an ext4 partition on /, an ext3 partition on /boot and a swap partition on /home? Please help us help you by correcting me where I'm wrong. –  Elder Geek Jun 18 '14 at 1:10

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