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I have an Acer Aspire One ZG5 netbook that came with Windows XP. It was loaned to someone, who then put Ubuntu on it. I know nothing about Ubuntu, so I looked for information on this site for help. It walked me through the steps to uninstall Ubuntu using the Terminal. Now the netbook boots to:

Error: unknown filesystem, Grub rescue>

I've tried changing the BIOS and then booting with an XP CD but I keep getting a "Stop Error".

I don't have an Ubuntu Live CD. When I type ls, it shows the following:

hd0 hd0,msdos5 hd0,msdos1

Is the Ubuntu system gone now?

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Or check how to boot from a CD using grub rescue> @EliahKagan I think he deleted his Ubuntu partition along his /boot, and WinXP recovery methods sucks hard. – Braiam Aug 30 '13 at 16:10

There is no way you can fix your Grub Menu in case Ubuntu or MBR in case Windows without using a Bootable CD/DVD or Bootable USB.

Boot from Windows, Then if you want to completely remove Ubuntu you have to delete partition in which Ubuntu is installed, in case it was installed in different partition. Or uninstall Using Wubi.

Hope you can understand with this very short description. Reply for further assistance.

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To get your WIndows XP back, you would need to boot from a Windows XP installation disk, or Windows XP Repair Disk, and would have to do startup repair.

No operating system can be uninstalled from within itself. So after you get your Windows xp back, you would need to delete the partitions that contained Ubuntu.

For help with that, first repair your Windows Xp, then only its possible to remove Ubuntu.

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