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I am actually trying to write a Java program to put a calendar event with alarm into an Exchange calendar using an email with VCALENDAR, VEVENT etc. content. It does work but the (Exchange) user gets an email as well, and I need to avoid this.

Where Evolution (3.6.4 on Ubuntu 13.04) comes in is that when I make an appointment in an Exchange calendar it does exactly what I want, i.e. put the event in but not put an email in the the recipients inbox.

So I'm trying to find out exactly how Evolution does it so that I can do the same. I have tried saving the .ics file from the (Evolution view of the) calendar and using that as a basis (doesn't seem to make a difference to the result), and using Wireshark to trace outgoing traffic (it seems to be encrypted so I can't see the plain text).

I would kind of like be able to just view what is essentially the sent email that is in fact the appointment request. Obviously I can see 'normal' sent emails, but not the calendar appointment equivalent.

I hope that makes sense, Any ideas?



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