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I looked around for a bit and I haven't found the correct thread that fits my needs, I have an old mac Powerbook G4, I want to run Ubuntu Server on it, can I wipe out the entire harddrive and just run Ubuntu? (I don't need the Mac OS), or would I need to use a VM or dual boot. I tried a few things and it didn't work, I tried partitioning the hard drive and burning the image, I tried using bootcamp but that did not work and tried both USB and Disk. I want to use the Ubuntu server just so I can get familiar with Linux servers and do my programming whenever I am on the road or not at my desktop. I don't know if I am doing something wrong, I maybe any help would be much appreciated.


Mac OS X Version 10.5.8 Processor: 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 Memory 2 GB DDR SDRAM Processor: PowerBook G4 1.1 L2 Cache: 512kb

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You need a PowerPC iso. Have a look to

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can I access my Ubuntu One with Lubuntu? – octain Aug 29 '13 at 20:47
I played around with it until I got it to work. – octain Aug 29 '13 at 22:42

I played around with it until I got it to work,these are the steps I did:

  • Downloaded the Lubuntu
  • Copied the image on a CD
  • inserted the CD, restarted the Mac.
  • Hold down C until the boot menu comes up.
  • Press Enter.
  • And from there it is self explanatory,you chose your own partition settings and from there it is easy.
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