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I want to develop a script which connects frequently and automatically to open wifi networks. I am using the nmcli tool, which seems to be stable.

nmcli device wifi connect "$ssid" iface "$iface" --timeout 20

However, the timeout exception is thrown quite often. This tool does not provide any information but the exceeding of the timeout. Is there some kind of verbose mode, which would tell me precisely, how long every part of the connection process (say DHCP etc...) does take?

Furthermore I see differences in the duration of the connection process between my build-in and an usb wifi interface (second needs longer).

Is this a driver issue which I cannot optimize or might there a chance to speed things up?

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The speed of the DHCP process differs with speed of connection, how far you are away from the antenna, and how many other people are connected to the network. Therefore, it would require a VERY complex program to determine those factors and put them into use. Also, what form of USB is your adapter(2.0, 3.0), and what type of laptop do you have(and how old)?

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