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I am trying mount a remote machine filesystem to my local machine. The remote machine is a computation cluster which has two file systems. I have space on both file systems and I have a link on my home directory to the other NFS (fastspace).

When I mount my home directory on the remote machine locally

sshfs remote: ~/mnt/remote

I can access the files but not fastspace. If I try to do as much as ls in the directory I get

ls: cannot open directory .: Input/output error

Same goes when I try to

sshfs remote:fastspace ~/mnt/remote

However, if I try to directly mount my space on fastspace things seem OK.

When I try to mount the remote file system using gnome connect to server, everything is fine.

So, I need either the command Gnome use to connect to server or to know the path. How can you help me?

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Its unclear if you are using NFS or SSHFS they are not the same afaik. I few hints: try using full paths instead of wildcards like ~ that can be different depending on the user the command is executed with so use full paths like /home/username/ eg. if my username is sub on the machine called fastspace and would like to mount my remote home directory to a local folder in my home called mnt:

cd ~ ; sshfs fastspace:/home/sub mnt/

this is for SSHFS, for NFS you need something like

mount fastspace:/home/sub /home/sub/mnt
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Thanks. I'm trying to access a filesystem on a remote machine via sshfs. The file system itself is mounted on the remote machine via NFS. I hope that clear this up. I tried to use the full path without any luck. – Yotam Aug 29 '13 at 13:27
Here is an example. I am mounting the DoubleThink volume via NFS on blackjack, than I am mounting it on z420 via sshfs from blackjack: sub@z420:~$ sshfs blackjack:/mnt/DoubleThink /home/sub/DoubleThink/ You might have some restrictions due to nfs permissions if you can list it on one machine and not on the other and you are using different users – Feczo Sep 1 '13 at 1:01
When I used arch I didn't have such problems. Perhaps the computation server administrator has changed permissions at about the same time. – Yotam Sep 1 '13 at 5:30

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