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I have a 64bit desktop with Windows 7.

On one disk (not the Windows 7 system disk) I created an extra empty partition.

The disk now has 2 partitions: one with NTFS and one (to be) used for Ubuntu. Installation of Ubuntu 32 bit 12.04, and subsequent upgrade to 12.10 and clean install of 13.04 all are fine.

  • Clean installation of Ubuntu 64-bit 12.04 goes fine, then upgrade to 12.10 (obviously also 64-bit) hangs.
  • Clean installation of Ubuntu 64-bit 13.04 hangs. After I choose the delete everything and do a complete installation option.

Did not get the timezone or username/machine name questions.

Did again a clean installation of Ubuntu 32-bit 13.04 works perfectly.

Additional info:

  • Mother board: ASUSTek M5A78L/USB3 with 4 AMD64 processors
  • BIOS updated to latest version from ASUS website
  • Display adaptor: ATI Radeon HD 5400 series

After the BIOS update:

  • warmboot at the end of the install when Ubuntu tries to boot from disk the first time: the system simply hangs.
  • coldboot, after power down/up, looks like the boot is getting further. I now get

    run-init: /sbin/init Exec format error
    [4.562689] kernel panic -not syncing. Attempt to kill init! exit code=0x0000100

    And then things come to a halt.

Again Windows 7 64-bit boots fine, Ubuntu 13.04 32-bit boots fine.

I would like to know how to progress.

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