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I'm new to using Ubuntu OS and its interface and using terminal.

Recently I was trying to deploy squid, and shorewall firewall. Even though shorewall is running I can't get through one command, i.e. shorewall show connections

root@hassaan-OptiPlex-GX620:/usr/share/shorewall# shorewall show connections
Shorewall Connections (5 out of 63584) at hassaan-OptiPlex-GX620 - Thu Aug 29 14:33:36 PKT 2013

grep: /proc/net/nf_conntrack: No such file or directory"

I get this message.

Please help me with this problem.

By the way I am using this tutorial.

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just install the package conntrack sudo apt-get install conntrack , or by your favorite way to install packages.

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