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I just installed 13.04 on my desktop yesterday. After updating all the drivers all that was left was my printer driver.

Ubuntu told me I needed to get the driver off the website so I did that. I updated the driver and everything was great. Then I rebooted.

I have Windows 7 and Ubuntu on my comp. After the splash screen where I choose which OS I want to use I click on Ubuntu and it sends me to a full screen terminal login.

This is the only way it lets me get in. So I log in and have to push Alt + Ctrl + F8 to get out of it and back to the desktop. Other than that everything is running just fine. I ran boot repair to see if that would fix anything but still nothing. I have to manually login and then get out of the full screen terminal.

I am on a:

  • 3.6ghz amd fx4100 4 core
  • 16gb ram
  • Corsair 120gb SSD (Ubuntu)
  • Samsung 256 gb pro SSD (windows 7)
  • Nvidia gt430 2gb
  • 600w ps

Someone help!

I read somewhere else it might be GDM but I reinstalled it and nothing. I am really confused on this one!

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