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The new Gnome 3.0 requires hardware acceleration support. I wanted to try it out -- but how do I tell whether hardware acceleration is supported on my machine?

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Gnome-Shell has very similar graphical requirements as the Unity interface. Therefore, if you want a quick test of potential compatibility, you could run the unity graphical test application via a live CD:

/usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p

If you get a picture similar to this with all "yes" values - you probably can assume Gnome-Shell will work.

enter image description here

Linked Question:

  1. What do the "no"s mean, in the output of unity support test?
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Well the best way of course is to just try it out ;)

Try a quick search through the ubuntu forums for you computers model number.

And the Ubuntu-certified hardware list might help as well.

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