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I need to use the app: 2X Client for work. I can get it to work, make connection to the server and work with it but as soon as I open the terminal screen it goes full screen and the only thing I can do is log out to get back to my desktop! There's no other way for me at this point.

I come from a windows environment and there's a so called connection-bar on top of the screen where I can minimize/window the terminal screen so I can work with the Ubuntu desktop. This bar is missing with my.

Does anybody have a solution for this?

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You just need to set up display size in properties for your remote desktop connection.

Open Connection Properties for your connection to remote server -> Display -> General Options -> Size and select size you want.

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Thanks,for your answer. Unfortunately I cannot change this setting. The only thing I can Change is the color dept. Perhaps thereś another way to change this, in a configuration file maybe??? – user187631 Sep 21 '13 at 20:48
which version of 2X Client do you have? – betatester07 Sep 22 '13 at 9:49

@user187631: Same problem here. Tip from my colleagues: use Windows key + (left) Alt key + M to minimize your window (and access your local desktop).

For myself, also being unable to set my own preferred screen size, I found unchecking 'Span desktop across all monitors' somewhat helpful too (Connection Properties -> Display -> Desktop Options). Using version 10.5 (build 1359).

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