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I saw that there's a PPA for Gnome 3. I also noticed that it installs as another package. So my question is...

If I install the Gnome 3 package, will I be able to still use my current Gnome? Or will I be able to use only Gnome 3?

Thanks for any/all help!

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It will replace your current session. Rolling back is problematic, please see the warnings here:

(Also I notice you tagged your question with , the PPA won't work with that anyway.)

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It really won't work with 10.04? I had read somewhere it would. Okay, guess that solves the issue for me for now. Thanks! – TanoPiloni Apr 7 '11 at 1:24

You can also install the gnome-shell without touching your system:

installation instructions for gnome-shell

I tried it yesterday with 10.10 and it works fine.

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