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I have a dual-monitor setup, 1 main screen attached directly to the GPU, and a second small (and old) screen attached to my motherboard. On Windows I was able to turn the 2nd display attached to the motherboard on by enabling the internal GPU while the GPU itself was also on directly on the motherboard.

This however does not seem to work for Ubuntu. After a clean install everything worked fine. Then i've installed the original NVIDIA driver (version 319.49 for the GTX 770), and after a installation without any errors, only my main screen is detected (the one attached directly to the GPU). The 2nd screen just shows a white line in the upper left corner.

So my question: how do I enable my second screen using the NVIDIA drivers, which is not attached to the GPU?

I'm using Ubuntu Gnome 13.04

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Check this answer, the question was for ATI cards but the problem is not GPU related. –  Stef K Aug 28 '13 at 20:11
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