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Based on the following thread-link i built a little script:

Touchscreen calibration with dual monitors (NVidia and xinput)

Sorry the input Method of code here would have meant to add 4 spaces at each line (504 spaces complete) so i uploaded the

Code here: http://ideone.com/ofHvOr

1.) The script does not have the same effect as manual Terminal usage, i think the reason therefore is:

cmd="xinput map-to-crtc '$inputdev' $outputdev"
eval "$cmd"

2.) Instead of

echo -e "$outputdevothers" | while read a; do $(xrandr --output "$a" --auto); done # > /dev/null 2>&1

i would like to cache the xrandr-settings of each Display to use the cached settings at reactivation of these Displays

3.) I think it doesn't neet the "xinput_calibration" each time, once the 99-calibration.conf has been built it should be possible to map in an init-script that could be generated by the bash script but haven't tested yet.

Best regards and thanks in Advance for help.

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