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Was trying installing Linux machine. There was an error stating sda must be label gpt, at the verge when disc partition to install the OS was to be selected. I probed into the error over internet and found a solution and implemented it. It goes as (where partition was to be selected) ctrl+alt+f2

># parted
parted># print /dev/sda 
parted># mklabel gpt /dev/sda
parted># print /dev/sda
parted># quit     


following this i was successfully able to label sda. Initially i had windows and ubuntu installed in my system. The hard disc had several partitions.

mklabel gpt /dev/sda

The above command did not format the hard disc for sure. But it deleted all the Hard disc Partition information. For now i am trying to get the data recovered from my hard disc using ubuntu live. But i am unable to locate the hard disc partitions. The partitions are being shown as one unit.

Is there any way through to recover the data???

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Data recovery tools like testdisk can come in handy. –  Olu Doug Mar 10 at 8:06

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