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I'm using Compiz and Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit. I use the rotating cube desktop. I often run Lync over Citrix receiver from a remote server.Rotating desktops often causes Lync to have lots of problems. Sometimes, the lync client seems to move relative to the local viewport, sometimes the local viewport shows a minimized-without-a-taskbar version of the program, and just today, the program stopped responding, and eventually stopped playing audio from the conference I was in.

Let me know if you have any suggestions!! Example1 Example2

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Does anyone have a solution? I have the same problem. (Ubuntu|Lubuntu|Mint with citrix receiver 13) –  pa.liss Mar 11 at 5:18
My solution has been Virtualbox. –  Limited Atonement Mar 11 at 13:20

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