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I've just upgraded my laptop from 11.10 to 13.04. Previously, I had manually added the four printers I need to know about (1 at home, 3 at uni).

I discovered a really frustrating change: now, when I launch the print dialog, I now see a list of all the hundreds of network printers that exist in my uni. This is not only a problem because of having to scroll around finding what I actually need, but also it becomes really sluggish (particularly in LibreOffice) presumably updating some info about the list.

Is there any way I can turn off auto-discovery, and/or change a setting so that auto-discovered printers aren't offered unless I explicitly add them?

(In Preferences->Printers there's a menu option View->Discovered Printers but turning it off doesn't seem to do anything, and next time I go into that prefs pane it's ticked again, so it doesn't seem to stick.)

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