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If I have a problem, how can I find it's cause? I have a very specific problem, but I'm also curious to hear general solutions.

The problem is: sometimes my maximized windows get an additional unclickable top window border. I found out how can I reproduce this issue: I have to hold CTRL and scroll the mouse wheel down (for example when I want to zoom in Firefox, or Gimp), and then Unity gets buggy (also the launcher locks, and won't hide).

I don't want to file a bug until I know what's happening. So my question is, what are the possibilities to track down the cause of this strange behaviour? If you can tell the cause of this specific issue, that's OK, but I'm searching for a method to find it myself next time.

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GUI bugs are tricky - as well as investigating on your own/with help, it's probably worth filing the bug - I have been in a similar position before, and I found that typically I am not alone - posting the bug highlighted potential duplicates (that I could subscribe to) - if not, others with more ubuntu experience could expand on the bug, ask me questions for clarification or merge it with a duplicate as necessary (I obviously gave as much detail as I could) –  d3vid Jul 1 at 11:46
Since then, I filed the bug, but nobody had the same issue. I was clueless what to do, because I didn't receive any reaction to this issue. Then I decided to reinstall Ubuntu for various reasons including this, and the problem went away, and I could not reproduce it since. I'm still curious how can I find out what registers CTRL+mousewheel in compiz, and what is registered to it, if a similar problem would emerge. I think it was two compiz plugins conflicting, or something similar. –  Barta Tamás Jul 6 at 16:21

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