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The .desktop file opens a python script in the terminal. (with 'Exec' and Terminal = true). Could any other parameters be included so as to open the gnome-terminal in a specific profile or a particular window size?

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In this case, it is not necessary to use Terminal=true in your .desktop file. To open your python script in gnome-terminal with a specific profile or a particular window size you can use:

Exec=gnome-terminal --profile=Profile_name --geometry=widthxheight -e '/path/to/script.py'

You have more other options if you look at man gnome-terminal.

Also, be sure that you have this two lines at the end of your python script if you want to keep the terminal open after the execution of the script is finished:

import os            # Use this line only if you have not already imported the os module
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You can call the terminal with --geometry=widthxheight

For example at command line:

gnome-terminal --geometry=40x10

will open a terminal window with the above size (40x10)

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